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Target-finding Coaching


Ready for the next step


What if I make the wrong decision? - does this question sound familiar to you?

It appears again and again in different situations and can cost you a lot of time and nerves to get rid of it. This may be because you have a wide range of interests and cannot clearly separate your preferences. Or many outside influences make you doubt.

Then a question can arise in your head like - Nobody needs me, what should I do with my life?


Indifferent whether you feel addressed by one or even both questions, your greatest need is: a clear direction through a reorganization that brings about security and well-being.



Success coaching


Performer in Trouble


You are used to always doing your thing and always successfully. For this you are always determined and self-confident. But now a situation has arisen in your life that you cannot cope with. But since you mostly want to maintain your image of the successful, you find it difficult to deal with this situation properly and maybe even to ask for help - but you should do this.


Having a coach by your side won't be a sign of weakness. You dare!


Experienced coachee


You have already gained initial experience with a coach and know what can be achieved with good coaching. Since you are very determined, self-confident and ambitious, you don’t want to devote so much time to your problem. That's why you're looking for a quick solution to your problem and you know that you can get ahead with coaching.


I will help you to make a decision in just a few appointments so that you can concentrate on the important things in life again!




Coping coaching or burnout coaching


Be in control of the situation


Are you permanently in a stressful or stressful situation? Then it's time for that to change. You are more of a committed, motivated person who is currently overwhelmed in terms of content and emotions. Your thoughts are: I want to and have to manage all of this or I can't get anything done even though I've already tried everything.






More from life


Your greatest need is to be happy and to leave something to the world. You are already well trained and established in your job. Although you are doing very well and have achieved your goals, there is something in your life that is making you unsatisfied. However, there is no solution to this dissatisfaction in any book and you doubt whether you could not lead a better life after all.


But what exactly should you change about your current life? - We can find out together then.




Relationship coaching


Looking for a (happy) relationship


Your life is going well, but you are missing the right partner to share your happiness with? Everyone around you is in happy relationships, but it doesn't work with you?

You are a person who has already experienced a lot and you are unsure of what you can and should expect from a relationship. But it would be the best feeling if someone would love you for who you are and FINALLY find your dream partner.


With my relationship coaching, we get to the bottom of things and find out together what is important for you in a relationship and how you can achieve one.







Different than the others


You are the fish that swims against the current and you are pretty sure: “I can't be with others”.

Others describe you as reserved and quiet, but you are also deep and reflective of yourself and the world around you. Your greatest wish would be to finally feel normal and not like a nerd. You would like to reach out to people and make friends, maybe even find a partner, but don't know how to go about it.


First and foremost, it is important to accept yourself for who you are so that others can see your true strengths. I can help you with that!




Job coaching


More recognition in the job


"I would have the most beautiful job in the world if only it weren't for my boss / colleague" - does this sentence fully apply to you?

Are you ambitious and love your job, but a certain person or the working atmosphere in general make starting your day to work very difficult for you?


Unfortunately, since you can't always choose the people you have to work with (especially if it's the boss), I will show you in our sessions how to deal with difficult people and help you understand what makes people tick.

Effizietes Erfolgs-Coaching
Find and Follow
Du bist ok Coaching
Job Coaching
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