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What's the goal of coaching?

The goal of coaching is to find solutions for topics that concern you. Coaching acts like a catalyst: You might find the solutions on your own - but with coaching you find them much quicker.


Coaching works for various areas of your life:


Whether you are currently dissatisfied with your job, your relationship, or your body.

Whether you have the feeling that you want more out of life - or whether you currently don't even know what you want from life at all.

Whether you are stuck in a real life crisis, have been dissatisfied for a long time - or simply belong to those who like to develop themselves.


No matter, which area of life they are currently working on: All my customers have in common that they do not accept the current status quo and want to change something in their lives - whatever that means.

How does coaching work?

A good coach supports you with finding out what you really want. And then with geting there faster.

In case you wanted to change your behavior but didn't succeed in the past, we e.g. look at unconscious programming that prevented you from moving forward. We check, which new belief systems might serve you better and how you can implement them in your life. 


A good coach is like a mirror that helps you see things that you did not see yourself. If you revolve around a problem and look for solutions, he helps you find solutions that suit you and your life.


If you just don't know what you really want, a coach can help you find out.


When you know what you want, a good coach is like a compass, which helps you get on course or stay on course to your destiny.

How long does coaching 


Every coaching is tailor-made.


Tailored to your individual needs and goals.


Thus, the number of coaching appointments necessary highly varies:


I have clients who have already achieved their goal after one single coaching appointment. For more complex topics it takes a little longer. And the more you are willing to work on yourself, the quicker you get to your results. 

Where & how?

I offer personal coaching: On site in Wiesbaden.


Or: From anywhere in the world by phone or online.


An appointment takes 45 minutes.


In every session my customers get practical tips and tools to try out that they can reach their goals faster.

How do you start

Before we start with the coaching, we have a strategy session over the phone which is free of charge. During that we check, what your goals are, whether coaching is suitable for you and your goals and whether we are a good match.


With a short questionnaire you give me an overview of your topics.


If you like, you can also take a free personality test at

That gives me a good overview in advance and I can develop first ideas about how to serve you best.


This makes the coaching more effective and you can save valuable time and money.

Your advantages with online coaching

In the past, I experienced both coaching in person and online coaching.


As a people's person, I just love meeting people in person. Noticing your facial expressions, gestures and nuances is something wonderful. Nevertheless, for my, online coaching is unbeatable and you might also wanna give it a try.



That's why I prefer online coaching:


1. You save TIME : You don't have to go anywhere. And thus can also do coaching when it is really stressful.


2. You save MONEY : If you don't have to go anywhere, you save fuel, protect your car and the environment. And maybe even your nerves because there are no traffic jams in your home.


3. You can do it from ANYWHERE : Thus you can do coaching even when it gets late in the office, when you are on a business trip, you don't want to leave home or even while on vacation.



If you love reflecting or working on personal development during vacation, accompanying coaching sessions could be a game changer for you. Since coaching is the tailor-made alternative to reading a book on personal development, it can be much more effective and you can multiply the effect it has on your life compared to simply reading a book.

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