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I'm glad to see you!

Why coaching?

Who doesn't dream of change, improvement, another life, another me?

More self-confidence and sovereignty in dealing with others, recognising and using crises as opportunities for growth, achieving set goals, realising oneself - something is driving each of us.


But few (want to) understand that we ourselves are the key to what we want to be and can be. By bravely facing ourselves, being open to learn and understand unconscious patterns of behaviour and being willing to overcome harmful beliefs, our wishes and goals come within reach.


There is the right life for everyone - a life that simply feels good and right all round. Create yours.

Tailormake Your Life Coaching

U. Matthias-Claudius-Str. 6

65185 Wiesbaden

+49 (0) 159 - 01922161

I coach people to a better life.
Because everyone should live the life they want to live.

Why coaching?




Für Menschen, die bereit sind für den

"nächsten Schritt"




Für Menschen, die

eine neue

lösung wollen

"The coaching with Karina was my first coaching. I used to always think, "What do you need something like that for anyway? I can help myself." Now I know better! It helps enormously to have a neutral person shed light on things, to work out individual factors in more detail, to get tips on how to solve problems or simply to get a nudge in the right direction. In any case, I will continue the coaching as needed and I can only recommend that everyone tries it out. Karina is a very attentive listener, analyzes things very quickly and can assess personalities very well. At the same time she has such a warm, sympathetic and helpful manner that it is very pleasant to work with her on the challenges of life".


Jessica, Mainz

"She's like a best friend to whom you can tell everything, but who neutrally judges your decisions and thoughts and thus helps you to see your real problems and wishes for yourself. 


Karina, Frankfurt

"At first I was a little skeptical that coaching over the phone would really work. After all, we don't see each other. But with Karina I quickly gained confidence. It's like we've known each other forever and I always look forward to the next appointment days in advance!" 


Sophie, Berlin

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